Harvard-Radcliffe Class of 1984

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Our class has been leading the way for Harvard-Radcliffe since 1984. Some of our accomplishments:

Broke attendance records at every reunion*

*(But for one highly suspect data point from the class of 1968 at their 20th)

First class to have:

  • Public service as part of the reunion
  • Memorial Services, prior to the 25th reunion
  • Environmentally conscious “green” reunion
  • “Flash-mob” mini reunions
  • Open bar throughout the reunion**
    (Outside of the 25th, which has always been salubrious)

Led use of technology for all reunions

  • One of first classes to have a private URL, www.HR84.com, since our 15th reunion in 1999
  • Second class to make a Facebook group, but first to attract more than 10% of class.    Currently have 649 members
  • First to provide “Connect with a Classmate” functionality on the web, starting with 20th reunion.   This feature is now built into the Harvard.edu site.